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For all my clients I provide a respectful and non-judgemental service.

I do not provide advice but I do engage in a collaborative relationship that facilitates people to access their own internal resources.

I offer a balance of support and challenge.
I use a range of techniques, tools and exercises to look at ideas, thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behaviour.

There are many similarities between Coaching and Counselling. They both involve one-to-one support and are time boundaried, confidential discussions.  However they can each be more helpful in different situations. I have set out below short descriptions of each of them to help you choose what is right for you.


My style of coaching is more appropriate for those who are wanting and ready to move forward. It helps people clarify what changes they would like and what is important in their lives. It is goal-focused.  I provide “Life” and “Business” coaching. This helps with stress, self-confidence, personal growth, development, career and life transitions by enabling people to:

I offer one-off coaching sessions or blocks of sessions. Sessions can be as frequent or ad-hoc as you would like.


My counselling helps those who also wish to move forward but who might be aware of deeper, emotional issues that need to be addressed. It helps people explore those sometimes painful or troubling feelings in a supportive, compassionate relationship. My approach is “Humanistic Integrative” which means that I draw on a range of approaches and tailor them to your needs.  This helps with depression, bereavement, loss, anxiety and relationship problems by supporting people to:

Generally counselling is most effective when sessions are held on a regular basis, usually at weekly intervals. I recommend a one-off session to new clients so that we can see how we feel working together and discuss any concerns. If we agree to continue I suggest an initial contract for six sessions.
This is just a guide, I would be more than happy to talk this through with you.

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